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Author pages:
Flux Hawaii author page
Honolulu Museum of Art Blog author page

Halekulani Living - Yosihiko Sinoto
Contrast Magazine - Sam Muller
Honolulu Magazine - Chris Jordan
Transworld Skateboarding - Underexposed
Hale - Mо̄lī Rising
Kīkaha by Island Air - A Mellifluous Wave / Bold Brew
Chinatown Now: Slappy Kids / Shitty Kids
Sonoran Quarterly - The Agave Hunters

Whale Road Review - miles from manatees
The Manifold - vertebrae

Other things I have done:

U.H. Mānoa Master's Thesis: Pacific Pastoralism
HI Sk8 Films - about - I - II - III - IV - V - VI
DIY Skate Art: Manifesto Trilogy